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Barefoot Babes

Lets talk bare feet......

It's summer time and that means lots of outside play time!! Did you know that being barefoot actually helps us in multiple ways. Think about it.....when you are barefoot you feel the grass, dirt, rocks, wet, dry, etc. This is helping develop and stimulate your child's sensory neurons and the nervous system. It is also said that by going barefoot we are able to absorb negative electrons from the earth (not negative in a bad way but to help balance out the positive electrons we receive from living in today's society). Another way going barefoot is beneficial is that it promotes growth and development of the foot- instead of being confined in the shoe the whole foot- toes, arch, heels, and ankle, etc. are having to work to stabilize the child also increasing their sense of balance and in the proper position. As long as it is a safe environment, take those shoes off and let them explore!

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