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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is included in the visits?

Anything and everything you want to to address and more- I will be your child's primary care provider! ​We will spend approximately 1 hour for well visits assessing your child, discussing nutrition, exposures, supplements, lifestyle, development, anticipatory guidance, etc. I want to get to know your child and your family the best that I can so that I may help your child grow with wellness! Because our time is not limited by insurance standards you will not feel rushed or short- changed on anything you want to discuss with your provider. Growing Pediatrics encompasses all aspects related to your child's wellness! Should you need additional care, therapies, etc that our outside my skill set, I have a wide range of referral sources available to me for that. 

  • What is not included in the visits?

Certain things such as labs, procedures, and vaccines will be provided at-cost to your family but will be an additional fee. The fee will be disclosed up front so again, no surprises. These are all obtained at a discounted price through negotiated costs by me from outside sources. Hospital stays, referrals (if needed), or any outside healthcare visits outside of Growing Pediatrics will not be covered by the membership; HOWEVER, I will work my hardest to find you the best price and option's available to you should you need it. ​

  • Do you take insurance? 

No. Growing Pediatrics works for you and you only. Removing the insurance companies barriers allows me to spend more time with your child (approximately 1 hour), let you be in charge of your child's healthcare, and know the up front costs (no surprise bills later on). I can provide you with an EOB to submit to your insurance company/HSA account as an out of network provider in which they may/may not reimburse you. No insurance is required to be seen at Growing Pediatrics (just your paid monthly membership & visits fees). No insurance is provided through the membership or through Growing Pediatrics. Growing Pediatrics can not see patients who have Medicare. Growing Pediatrics can see patients who have Medicaid but can not accept Medicaid therefore membership fee/visit fee still apply. 

  • Why is there a monthly membership fee? 

This cost covers your direct access to me 24/7 via text, call, or virtually. Having direct access to me who knows your child's healthcare can help you avoid unnecessary ER visits/costs, urgent care visits/costs, and costs of nurse advice lines. Have peace of mind knowing your healthcare provider (me) knows your child's (not the on-call doc or nurse call line) and you have access directly to me at your fingertips! ​All full-time children of the family are required to be enrolled as members for the family to gain access to services. 

  • Why is there a visit fee?

Similar to when you pay insurance monthly (membership fee) and then have to pay for the visit as well. Except with me you are getting 1 hour of time vs 10 minutes that the insurance will pay for at the doctor's office. In that one hour we will address anything and everything you want (see first bullet point). We will address ALL aspects of growing with wellness regarding your child's nutrition, supplements, development, etc.​ Again, I can provide you with necessary codes for you to send insurance with out of network provider/HSA reimbursements depending on your policy. 

  • What area are you serving?

Available to anyone within 45 minutes of Harrisonville, MO, which covers a wide area of Missouri and Kansas.​

I have my Missouri and Kansas APRN license which allows me to practice in both states. 

  • What is your medical decision making policy?

As I state on my home page- Direct Care you, Lead by YOU. You are in control of your child's healthcare decisions and I, as a healthcare provider, am supportive of the healthcare choices you will make for your child. Risks and benefits will be discussed and your decisions will be supported by me. ​

  • What are your credentials? 

Kendra is a Family Nurse Practitioner certified by both the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and American Nurses Credentialing Center. In addition, I am a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor through Prepared Childbirth Educators, INC.  ​

  • What ages do you see?

Newborn- 21 years of age.​

  • What are your hours of operation?

Always available to you via text, call, email, virtual access 24/7. My "business hours" are listed at this bottom of the home page and will adjust as necessary based off patient ratios. I do have a family with little ones myself so I ask that unless it is urgent or emergent that it wait until my traditional "business hours" for regular communication needs. Members will also have my cell phone number for emergencies. I am more than happy to help and serve you and your families needs at any time- that is what I am here for! ​

  • Do you have a collaborating physician/someone to cover if you are out of town?

Yes and yes! My collaborating physician will be known to my members and their families if needed. In addition, my coverage will be my collaborating physician who is well known in the community and easily accessible just like Kendra is if I am out of town; in fact, we use all of the same applications to communicate with patients! ​

*If you are out of town and your child gets sick, remember you have virtual access to me, and I may be able to provide with all you need even out of town!

  • Does my child still need health insurance?

Growing Pediatrics is not a form of health insurance. Insurance can still be beneficial because we all know the unexpected can happen. Growing Pediatrics is not in network with any insurance company but we can provide you with documentation in which your insurance/HSA may or may not reimburse you- check with your policy first. As an ordering provider I am able to order any necessary tests, imaging, or lab work that may needed at a negotiated cost. You may use an HSA with me if your plan allows it. ​

  • Standard/COVID-19 precautions

Having your child's wellness and sick visits at home tremendously helps decrease any "extra exposures" you may have at any office type setting. Everything is sanitized between any patient use with non-toxic ingredients to keep everyone safe. A medical mask and other personal protective equipment is available if ​necessary due to an acute illness, etc. Keeping your families and children safe and well is a top priority for me!

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